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I was born in Elgin, Scotland to my parents Ed and Jo Tucker. My Dad was in the Royal Air force and was based in RAF Lossiemouth. We spent the first few years of my life moving around and my sister Harriet was born in Germany. We settled in South Wales just as I was about to start school. My parents loved Wales and the local area. I have considered myself Welsh from a young age. As I was growing up I competed in swimming and running, representing Wales for Cross country.

When I was 15 I was offered the opportunity to do a triathlon. The Welsh Triathlon coach was Chris Goulden. Chris did a pretty basic talent ID.  He took a bunch of us from my swimming club to the local industrial estate; we cycled round twice and then did a run off. The fastest few got chosen to go and compete in a Celtic cup in Ireland. Luckily I was one of the fastest. I completed our 'trial' on a borrowed bike and my legs felt like jelly when I was running, but I loved it!

I won my first triathlon in Ireland; there were only about 6 people in it! I had a steady progression over the next few years taking part in Junior World champs in 2002 and 2003 finishing 9th and 5th. My first major year as a senior was 2005, I got two bronze medals in my first ever World cup events. It was a shock to me to do so well in International competitions and my results qualified me for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006. Being part of the Welsh team was fun, I loved the experience of the games and was inspired to make the British team for the 2008 Olympics.

Halfway through the 2006 season I got an Achilles Tendon problem which put me out for the rest of the 2006 season and all of 2007. I continued training hard on my swim and bike but running was a problem.

After being unable to compete I felt like my dream of going to an Olympics slipping away. Also my husband Marc (at the time boyfriend) was having a tough time. He had competed in the Athens Olympics and since then had had serious health issues involving Deep Vein Thrombosis. He could barely walk in 2007! Marc took over coaching me and we also decided to get married at the end of 2008. If everything went wrong in 2008, if I didn't make Olympics, If Marc could not get back to walking and hopefully running pain free at least we would have something to look forward to, a wedding and holiday!

This was the turning point for me. The Achilles problems went with the help of a great medical team at the Welsh Sports Council and 2008 went better than we had hoped. I qualified at first pick for the British Olympic Triathlon team and became the World Champion! I competed at the Olympics and unfortunately didn't race well, finishing 21st, but I gained valuable experience from competing at the Games and being part of Team GB was incredible. Our wedding at the end of 2008 was great; we had a fun time with friends and family in Florida. It ended a great year.

Since 2008 my results and performances steadily improved. The World Champs changed from a one off day event to a series and In 2011 I won the World Champs Series becoming World Champion for the second time.

2011 was an important year for me, it was an opportunity to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games, the selection race was in Hyde Park on the Olympic course, and I won the race, completing the selection criteria.


bullet Name:
Helen Jenkins

bullet Date of Birth:

bullet Nationality:

bullet Live:
Bridgend, South Wales

bullet Height: 169cm

bullet Weight: 55Kg

bullet Coach:
Marc Jenkins (husband too!)

bullet Dog:
Chocolate Lab: Barney

bullet Swimming Club:
Bridgend County swimming squad

bullet Running Club:
Bridgend AC

bullet Hobbies:
Too tired from training for anything active!
Walking my dog, reading, cooking, spending time with friends and family. Watching Sci-fi (geek!)

bullet Favourite foods:
Mexican food, fruit salad, Revels chocolate, cereal

bullet Favourite drinks:
Lemon Go Hydro, Hot chocolate and Dr Pepper Zero