I finished off our stay in La Santa pretty tired, after a big block of training that is pretty normal and was the plan. We were ready to come home. I had a great time there, as usual, it's such an easy place to train.

When I got back, I had a couple of easy days and fitted in some commercial stuff for IHG and BA. For BA I was in London and spent some time in Hyde Park and on the Olympic bike course. It was pretty motivating. It obviously brought back good memories from the summer as well. It gave me a chance to run the course during my morning run and have a look at it without all the triathlon course set out and spectators.

Then I got back into some more good training. It's gone really well for this time of year and the mild conditions have helped. I ran a PB for a 5km last week which I was really pleased with and feel like I'm on track. Marc and I head out to Australia next week for some warm weather training on the Sunshine Coast in the lead into Sydney and then we'll go straight to San Diego, so we'll be in the US for a few weeks ahead of the race. It will be a long time away from home but it's essential to get the right races in that work best for my preparation to the Olympics in August.

It has also been like a second Christmas in our house this week. New kit arriving: helmets, running shoes, bike shoes, race kit, bikes, wetsuits and sunglasses. All the things I need for the season ahead. You realise at times like this exactly how much equipment you need as a triathlete! I'm extremely thankful to all my sponsors who provide me with excellent equipment I need for training and racing. I am now starting to look forward to getting the race season underway! First stop is Sydney World Champs series !