1. Write more Blogs
2. Don’t get a major Injury in 2013

These are my aims! 

This is my first Blog since the Olympics, when things aren’t going well for me I tend to shut off, I don’t want to talk to anyone and I want to keep to my close circle of family and friends. And things triathlon wise haven’t been great for me since the Olympic Games

First thing after the Olympics the priority was to rest, rest will sort out the injury, right?? Unfortunately that didn’t help, when I tried to start back into some training after a 6 week break, that was 6 weeks of absolutely nothing except some gym rehab work, I still had pain. So we tried a different plan of attack, I saw a group of specialists who then recommended a Knee specialist. We came up with a plan and we hit the rehab work really hard, I have spent a lot of time in the gym lately! After around another 6 weeks of gym work rehab and a little swimming I felt pretty dejected, I still wasn’t moving forwards. I had gone from having such a big goal of the Olympics to focus on to having nothing specific to aim for other than ‘pain free’, I felt a bit lost.

It was at this point I decided to go to Bisham Abbey, The Olympic Medical Rehab Centre - they had a space free and I was booked in! They give you a really intense week of treatment, rehab and it was a whole new way of looking at what has been going on in my knee.  It was the perfect time to go to Bisham as I was actually very well conditioned in the gym and ready to take on a lot of rehab work and really ready to try anything new. They came to some of the same conclusions that we already made, my problem is a biomechanical issue, which has caused a huge amount of pain. With their great facilities they were able to test which muscles were firing, how strong they were and why I was having my pain.

I was given another rehab program and a plan moving forward. I love plans! And I’m happy to say it seems to be working! I have to be pretty slow and cautious moving forward, and this means patience. It is hard to be patient sometimes and I want to push on and do more training, but the thought of going through the last 6 months again is enough to slow me down. One of the Doctors at Bisham put it me in a way that really hit home, she said ‘get this under control now and likely you will keep racing over the next few years, but rush the rehab and return to training too soon and it is going to be issue after issue’ I really don’t want to go through this again and I definitely want to keep racing! So it’s a no brainer for me. It might take me a bit longer to get back to racing this year, but if I am sensible that means I will be racing!  And I really miss racing.

So New Year and all positive so far! I’m really happy to be continue working with my Sponsors Jones Lang LaSalle, Asics and Giant over the next few years.

Helen x