Long time since blogging again, I apologise!

I have been really pleased with how training has progressed over the last few months, I feel like I’m an athlete again rather than just rehabbing an injury. The routine of train, eat, stretch, foam roll, sleep and repeat has come back. The stairs in the house feel very steep and long again, my skinny jeans get stuck on my calves (I have bigger calves than quads!) and I am hungry all the time! I have been increasing volume gradually and have reached a good consistent level of training. I would never wish to go through my injury again, I wouldn’t wish it on any athlete! But it has taught me so much, and really given me time to address some of my weaker areas, so it has been satisfying to see these improve. I have been on two training camps with the British team over the last few months, one before Christmas with the whole team and one in January with just the girls. It’s always nice to escape the miserable weather we have had in the UK and get the miles in with good company.  The camp with the girls was in Aguilas, Spain. I have spent quite a bit of time there when I was first starting my triathlon career so it brought back a lot of memories of different camps, and how far I have come since those days of being an inexperienced junior! One of my more embarrassing moments as a junior was on the first ride of a camp my pedal coming off as I had attached it wrong and then the next day falling down a drain outside the hotel on my bike, I made sure my bike mechanical skills improved after that.

It has been a very long block of training for me with my injury rehab and its good to feel like race season is almost here! The main part season is relatively compact this year. With the World Champs series starting In April in Auckland, New Zealand and finishing with the Series Final in Edmonton, Canada at the beginning of September. You have to compete in 5 series races plus the final and then throw in the Commonwealth Games you have a busy season. It is a little bit daunting for me looking at all the race calendar, as I haven’t raced for 18 months, 18 months!! I have no idea what to expect in the races, what my form will be, will I be ‘race rusty’? I haven’t gone into a race for a long time without some idea of my form so it is going to be interesting, exciting too!