London - I wasn’t nervous about heading back to London.  The Olympic memories of fading in the last few kilometers of the run to finish 5th don’t haunt me.  I associate Hyde Park with crowd support, the British public cheering the British team on. This year was no different!
Unfortunately I didn’t race as well as I had hoped. I had done a heavy few weeks training after Cape Town but the week leading up to the Hyde Park I had backed off and was feeling pretty good, looking forward to getting out there and racing.  I woke up the morning of the race and ran straight for the toilet, not a great start to the day! I was on and off the toilet for a few hours but then everything seemed to settle and I managed to eat breakfast and keep food down. Heading down to the race I was feeling ok, just a bit of stomach ache but I put it out of my mind and was focused on the race.

The swim was a bit of a disaster, I didn’t have a great start but swam myself back on to the tail end of the front group but then I just felt drained and I felt myself slipping off the back of the group.  I exited the water only a few seconds off the group. I was pretty sure I’d make it to the leaders with a good transition and a hard first lap of the bike but I had a shocker of a transition. No excuses - I panicked and made silly errors. I worked hard for the first lap of the bike and felt the same drained feeling I'd had on the swim. I made the decision to sit in on the bike.  I felt bad about not pulling turns with the rest of our group but I was just trying to get around at this point. My legs felt dead. Coming in to T2 I fell over, again not sure what I was doing, so I started the run a few seconds after the rest of my group. The first lap of the run I really struggled to get into it. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, then I’m not sure what happened but on the last lap I started to run faster. It was probably one of the fastest laps I have run in a triathlon. I moved from 21st overall to finish up 7th at the finish, which included out-sprinting a bunch of athletes, apart from Andrea Hewitt. I was quite proud of my sprint as normally I get left behind in a sprint! So overall not my best day! I hate not performing as well as I feel I can and I hate being a passenger on the bike. I like to work hard over all three disciplines and get the best out of myself which I don’t feel I did in London. I can take a few positives from the race and I can take lots of areas I need to work on - mainly transitions!

Also I am delighted to be officially announced in the Welsh triathlon team for the Commonwealth Games! I can’t wait to compete for Wales in July on a tough Glasgow triathlon course. 

The next race for me is Chicago at the end of June. I love racing in the US so I’m looking forward to this one!