Not what I expected with a week to go to Commonwealth Games.
I am gutted.  I really wanted to compete for Wales and hopefully bring home a medal. I felt I was in great shape and had the potential to do this but unfortunately my foot had other plans.
I have had mild plantar fascia tightness for a couple of weeks, but nothing out of the ordinary or nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  Usually after a little physio treatment it goes away.  It is one of the little niggles that come with training. After my last race in Chicago World Champs series where I came second, I got into my next block of training before Hamburg World Champs series, which was going to be a tune up for Commonwealths. Training between Chicago and Hamburg went well, I had a bit more tightness in my calves than usual. After travel to Hamburg my plantar fascia became more and more sore, so I made the decision to race and pull out on the run if it felt bad. During the race I felt it getting worse and stopped but it wasn’t agony, I was under the impression that I could get it under control and be ready to race Commonwealths. The morning post race I woke up and couldn’t walk on it, and my foot was very swollen. I got home and had a scan and was shocked to hear I had torn my Plantar Fascia. There haven’t been any major warning bells ringing that there was a problem brewing so it is an unusual one.
Rather than beat myself up about the injury I have to take the positives from this year, if someone had offered me my results I have achieved this season at the start of the year I wouldn’t have believed it. I have come back a lot stronger than I thought I would after a year off with hardly any base training over the winter. So with a good winter this year I am hoping to improve on my results next year and on to 2016.
I am supported so well by The Welsh Sports Council and their staff. I see them week in week out and they have helped me come back strongly from my injuries. I really wanted to go out and do well for them too. I  am wishing the whole Welsh team the best of luck for Glasgow and sorry I can’t be there to try and add to the medal tally.
I have to thank my sponsors who have all been so supportive during this last few days, and offer nothing but positivity and encouragement. Thanks to Asics, Giant Bikes, JLL, Science in Sport, Oakley and Huub wetsuits.