After tearing my plantar fascia tendon just before Commonwealth Games I was pretty down. It's tough when you focus so much on an event and then it's taken away from you so quickly. Myself and husband Marc decided to get away while the Commonwealths were on. We flew to California for a break. I was on crutches and my foot in an aircast boot for most of our holiday but it was great to get away, relax at the beach and enjoy time with friends. I even managed to have a surf on my knees. Marc carried me into the ocean and I could paddle around and managed to catch a few waves. I have swum all my life so when I can't swim it gets to me. I crave being in the sea or the ocean so it was a relief to get in!

After coming back from holiday it was time to get back to work! I have had to be careful with the running and build up slowly but I have started back swimming and biking and building up the volume of training after the last few months. You never want to have an injury, you want to be fit and healthy and completing all your training but the fact is sometimes you push too far. Sometimes we train slightly too hard and something pulls, breaks, tears or we just train ourselves into the ground. It's a common thing, but when I look back at my triathlon career so far I have come back from every injury with more experience, knowledge, determination and often stronger than before. So although the injuries and down periods are tough I try to keep in perspective why I am doing what I do, why I want to get through the tough periods. It's to be a better athlete and to achieve the goals I set for myself. The tough and hard parts of being a triathlete are by far outweighed by the joy of achieving goals, pushing yourself and crossing the finish line knowing your hard work was worth it.

On a different note I had two bikes stolen from my house earlier this year. It is horrible when something like this happens.  We did manage to get one of the bikes back through the work of South Wales Police and Marc scouring Ebay and Gumtree for our bikes. I had a great response from the twitter community with lots of people retweeting and offering tips on how to find them. I realised it must happen to so many people. A good friend and training partner of mine, Darren Thomas, was launching a new insurance product called Pedalcover Insurance which can include a lot more bikes under your home insurance policy than a normal insurance policy. He asked if I wanted to be involved in his company. After having the bikes stolen I really wanted to be part of it. As a triathlete with a lot of expensive bikes and wheels in the house it made sense to get them all insured. The website is Check it out - it's getting some great reviews.