April Blog

I am proud to say, I have been nominated by British Triathlon to the BOA for the GB Olympic Team Rio 2016

It’s been a journey.

Helen credit_Rio 2016
The last time I really raced anywhere near my ability was San Diego 2012. It’s been a hell of a road since then. May be it’s true what doesn’t break or kill can make you stronger?

Gold Coast race, I knew training had gone well but that doesn’t always translate into a good race. The course was great, really technical and I new that if i got the front early, rode hard and had someone to join me we could at least hurt the passengers may be even break it up.

The race was built up as a head to head between myself and Jodie, this wasn’t nice to see. One of us was going to be disappointed and knowing your happiness means someone else’s pain is a horrible position to be in, Marc and i had talked about it and while we would be disappointed if the day wasn’t to go well I would have been beaten by a friend and a great athlete who was in winning form.

The race went perfect apart from an average swim. I loved riding with Andrea and Flora who hurt me on the bike and i felt great on the run to hold my lead until 5k and only loose a small amount of time by 7.5k was as good a performance as i could have hoped for and the result was a win.

So, I will be going to my third Olympics. No pressure this time. I haven’t thought too much about it yet but will get down to planning a training and race plan for August.

I need to thank all my sponsors who support me now, Asics, Liv, JLL, HUUB, Oakley and those who have supported me in the past helping me achieve my goals and continue to achieve.

Thank you.