Race plans to Rio

After the high of my last race on the Gold Coast and gaining nomination for the GB Olympic team it was time to have a short break and relax a little. I have learnt from past years experience that it’s not possible for me to maintain my fitness over a long period, so to try and do this from April until August the 20th in Rio was not logical. It’s pretty tough because all I wanted to do was go out an keep racing as I know I had good form, but, the Olympics became the priority and I have to do what works best for me to hit the start line at Rio in the best shape possible. Also, with my past experiences of injuries I really needed to let my body recover, get some treatment so i’m able to cope with the demands of the next block of training in the push phase to Rio and not get bogged down in training for racing in the period between Gold Coast and the Games.

After a few easier weeks I got back into a good block of training with the emphasis on swimming and getting some decent miles done on the bike. I had a meeting with the team we work with on Monday and came up with a plan to build up to Rio. I had Leeds WTS on my in my mind as a race I wanted to do, its a UK race, the home support is always amazing for triathletes and also my long term sponsor JLL are part of the event, but, those facts don’t make it a good idea, i would change my training if i was going to race and push harder than the team want me to in this period. So, I am disappointed not to be racing Leeds. The plan is to race Stockholm WTS and or Hamburg WTS depending on how training is going to those points. At the moment i don’t think i would be in much different form to the Gold Coast, but i don’t need to, or want to push training for a race at this stage that doesn’t mean a great deal in the over all plan.

The one thing that has amazed me in the weeks since the Gold Coast is how many people watched the race and follow the sport, I have had so much support and messages congratulating me. I get absorbed in the day to day training and don’t look outside of my triathlon bubble very often and the support means so much to me. I have managed to fit in a few school visits which I have been fun and I have an upcoming question and answer session with my local Sports development program coming, its not much but I hope these small events can inspire some more kids to take up triathlon. Marc and I have enjoyed being able to step back a little bit over the recent weeks and enjoy the moment before i start focussing training on Rio and picking things up again.

I always remain appreciative of the support team behind me that help keep me moving forward and help me make the important decisions of what really matters. It’s hard to say i’m not going to race, but it’s a lot easier when everyone in your team says it’s the wrong thing to do is race in this period. My efforts are never a reflection of me but a reflection of all those around me, support team and sponsors. As always, thanks for your support and advice.

Helen x