April Blog

Olympics One day every four years, 55 women on the startline. Everyone who makes it to the Olympics has a story of how they got there, including the ups, downs, struggles, and testing times, no one has it easy and has worked hard to get there. The aim is to have your best day on that one day every four years.

I gave myself the best shot possible, I have learnt so much the past couple of years about how I need to prepare my body for racing, I have an amazing team around me that help me get to a startline in the best possible shape. I have to thank the British triathlon staff who allowed me to prepare as I needed to, I couldn't join the rest of the GB team at altitude prior to Rio as altitude was an unknown for me, they supported me and let the staff I work with at home in sport Wales help me on my camp, massive thanks to the sport Wales staff, Dan, Laurence, Louise and Matt who helped get me the fittest I have ever been.

Helen-Jenkins 3

Sometimes you just get unlucky and despite a healthy covering of hand sanitizer and taking every prebiotic and probiotic known to man I picked up some kind of bug or virus prior to the race. I tried to keep positive and focus on the race but I was dealing with diarrhea, high heart rate, swollen glands and vomiting the morning of the race.

I didn't want to write this blog with a list of excuses but I wanted to explain to everyone who cares and has invested in me I wasn't 100% on that one day. I still gave it everything I had and I got round the course, but I wasn't in the race. It is devastating to have put so much of your self into something and for it go wrong so quickly. I feel I let down the people who help me. There is nothing I could have done differently but you can't help feeling guilty.

This is my third Olympics and the team environment was the best I have ever experienced. It was a pleasure to share the Olympic experience with Non and Vicky. Both are great company and amazing athletes, I wish that they could have both had the bronze on the day. The team staff were all fantastic and were there for us every step of the way. Huge congratulations to Gwen, the victory was so well deserved and Nicola the supermum - amazing. Congratulations to every girl on the startline. I have to mention Andrea - a constant source of inspiration to me. Also Jodie who wasn't there and made me raise my game so much to make the team and kept me pushing as I wanted to deliver a performance to honor her.

So what next? I am hungry to race! I was in great shape and couldn't show it. Although my body is not playing ball, I still have felt pretty unwell for a week or so since the race. Everything is getting better and I really want to raceCozumel for the World Series Final, so fingers crossed I will be there!

Thanks to Asics, JLL, Liv/Giant, Oakley, Huub and Edco. Supporting me through good and bad times.