New year and a big change!

I am excited to announce I am pregnant and expecting the new arrival on 31st July.

scan helen-jenkins 

It’s something we had hoped for, and after the Rio Olympics seemed like a good time to try, but you never know if it will happen. We make huge physical demands on our bodies in a triathlon season so I was unsure if I would fall pregnant quickly, if at all, but luckily everything has worked out so far.

I am currently at 13 weeks and really looking forward to the first trimester ending! When i’ve heard, the energy levels go back up! So far being pregnant has not been the easiest. I knew I was pregnant pretty much straight away, as it was obvious in the swimming pool something was up, I went from swimming well and making my usual swim sets to feeling absolutely dreadful, and even Marc started beating me. I could barely manage to complete a swim. From the first six weeks onwards the sickness and tiredness have come and gone and i’ve been training as and when I can, I say training but it is really just exercising! I usually do one or two things a day but somedays that just doesn’t happen. I have also invested in a Cross trainer to keep up some other aerobic exercise in addition to the limited running I am doing. Cycling so far has been good, I haven’t been out on the bike in the colder weather so have been stuck to the turbo and have ventured out on my Liv Lust mountain bike on the many local cycling paths. And i’m still sticking to a good gym routine.

Since things have worked out so well with timing, providing all goes according to plan I can’t wait to get back into competing after the baby and hopefully, with the help of my supportive family and team around me I will be aiming for another Olympics. Training went so well this year even though the Olympics was awful for me I’m still excited to train and race and see what i can achieve. It all feels a long way off and my immediate focus is staying healthy and having a healthy baby.

I have loved the posts recently from triathletes who are currently pregnant or who have had babies recently It is great to have the information about how others felt at different stages, so I will try to do the same and keep a good account of how I am feeling and how much training I can do as hopefully it will be helpful to others.

Helen + bump x