I'm currently training at Club La Santa in Lanzarote again. Myself and my husband/coach Marc (yes, he's husband first !) have based ourselves here for three weeks. I enjoy the training here and as it's a sporting complex, there are always people here to train with and lots of triathletes. The British triathlon physiotherapist Emma has come over for five days as there are four members of the British team currently here.

Physio support is crucial to me and many other athletes. During the off season and as we train for three different sports, we do a high volume of training so niggling injuries often do occur. It's important to not let the injuries develop into anything serious but try to manage them and keep training moving forward. I recently had a slip on a long run, it had been raining for a few days and the ground was very muddy and wet, and all it took was one slip and the next day my lower leg felt awful. It was painful to walk on and even swimming I was in agony. The staff at the Sports Council for Wales were great, they got me in for a scan the same day, and the results were with the physio and doctor analysing them by the next day. Luckily it was just inflammation of the tendon and after a couple of days off it, plenty of ice, compression and physio treatment I was fine. I am privileged to have the world class support so readily available to me from the Sports Council for Wales and British Triathlon, it keeps me on track and healthy. I know how important that is after 2007 !

My training is going well out here again and I'm getting the sessions in. Normal training camp stuff, amusing myself in between training by watching DVDs, sleeping and planning my next meal!