The truth behind Marc Jenkins … the lesser known facts!

The truth behind Marc Jenkins … the lesser known facts! 5th August 2019Leave a comment

Triathlon has been a huge part of Marc’s life competing around the world representing Wales and England at World Cup events, the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. However we wanted to share some of the lesser known facts about Marc – so here goes!

  1. Marc represented GB in Surf Lifesaving winning a silver medal
  2. Marc is a sucker for Chinese food when he’s tired!
  3. He is never happier than when he’s on a surfboard and at the beach (other than spending time with his wife and family of course).
  4. Marc has seen Trolls the movie more times than he can count – mainly because it is his daughter (Mali’s) favorite film.
  5. Marc is a certified chocoholic – he can’t keep chocolate in the house otherwise he will eat the lot.
  6. His favorite thing to cook is salmon risotto.
  7. Marc hates doing tourist stuff like site seeing. On holiday he needs to be doing something, preferably active.
  8. Marc hates being cold.
  9. Marc hates being late and always arrive early for flights, meetings, anything that’s moderately important.
  10. Marc must have a plan for everything.

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