Things you never knew about Helen …

Things you never knew about Helen … 5th August 2019Leave a comment

Although you may well have seen Helen at an event, or on TV, for this post we wanted to delve a little deeper into the person behind the athlete and give you ten things you may not have known about Helen Jenkins – the former World Champion triathlete… so here goes!

  1. Helen had the same key ring on my race bag (a hippo) from 2008-2016.
  2. Helen paints her nails before every race.
  3. Helen likes to write a new plan of what she is doing before every race – time to get up, go to race, warm up
  4. Helen didn’t start cycling and running training until she was 15 years old
  5. Helen loves training!
  6. Helen doesn’t like coffee – probably the only triathlete ever to not like it!
  7. Helen loves Great British Bake off and is a closet “Trekkie” who has watched every episode of Star Trek she can!
  8. Helen loves food and serves salad with nearly every meal she cooks.
  9. Helen had a lower back fusion in 2018 and has 6 screws and plates in her back now.
  10. Helen loves dogs.
The person behind the goggles …

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