Whether you are starting out in the sport, or looking to take your triathlon performances to the next level, Marc and Helen are here to help…

What Marc and Helen can offer

From embarking on a coaching career in 2006 while still competing, to the present day where he guides a select number of elite and amateur triathletes, Marc has proved he has the talent and passion to bring the best out of others.

Marc’s first coached triathlete was Helen, who was fighting to overcome injuries and make a breakthrough in international competition at the time. He helped develop her into a two-time world champion, a three-time Olympian, and one of the most accomplished all-round triathletes in the history of the sport.

But while Marc still coaches Helen, he doesn’t just concentrate on the elite end of the sport. As someone who understands how to balance the demands of being a coach, husband and father, he is perfectly placed to help time-pressured amateur triathletes also achieve their goals and has successfully coached XXX athletes to XXXX.

Key Benefits

  • 26 years experience at all levels of triathlon
  • Prioritises and understands athlete well-being
  • Focused, friendly and passionate about his athletes
  • Proven track record of coaching a world champion
  • Proud Welshman!

Inspirational coaching

“We have a passion for inspiring new triathlon talent, and love nothing better than working with those who share a love for our sport. Drop us a note to find out more.”

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