Speaking & Motivating

As one of the foremost husband and wife teams in elite sport, Helen and Marc are a performance-driven duo with a human touch…

How it works

Helen and Marc understand what it takes to be successful in high performing environments when the pressure is on. As motivational speakers, they offer a rare insight into this world that any business and its employees can benefit from.

From leadership and coaching, to individual time management and self-starting, to coping with success and handling adversity, Helen and Marc have decades of experience and knowledge to share.

As a husband and wife team with two young children, they also face many of the everyday challenges we all have to contend with. It adds to their wide-ranging  appeal, making them both relatable and inspirational as they engage audiences to be brave, get out there and improve their own wellbeing.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced public speakers comfortable in both sporting and corporate settings
  • Provide rare insight into what it takes to reach the peak of a profession
  • Wide-ranging appeal from coaching and leadership knowledge to self-starting and managing individual performance
  • Down-to-earth, supportive and encouraging at all times

Inspirational speaking

“We love the chance to share our experience with others including our highs, lows, challenges and euphoric moments – and how we manged them all.”